Podcast 138 -Is it time we stopped discussing innovation?

What is innovation? Can anyone be creative? We ask why the concept of 'innovation' is so attractive and debate the notion that we should bring our creative pursuits into the workplace.

Written by Ross Garner
Published 26 March 2019
Podcast 138 -Is it time we stopped discussing innovation?

Is it time we stopped discussing innovation?

In this episode you'll find out about: 

  • Why 'innovation' doesn'y have to be groundbreaking
  • Why we have to accept risk to let creativity flourish
  • The difference between individual creativity and group creativity

The Ken Robinson TED Talk that Simon referenced was: 'Do schools kill creativity?', online at: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity?language=en 

Harold Jarche's blog discussing this talk is online at: https://jarche.com/2019/02/education-does-not-destroy-creativity/  

The subreddit that Owen recommend was r/fantasy, at: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/ 

He recommends the Apollo App for using Reddit: https://apolloapp.io 

The paper Ross recommended was: Tversky, A., & Kahneman, D. (1974). Judgment under uncertainty: Heuristics and biases. science, 185(4157), 1124-1131. It's incredibly readable, and available online at: http://psiexp.ss.uci.edu/research/teaching/Tversky_Kahneman_1974.pdf

About the author

Ross Garner

Ross Garner

Head of Learning Experience
Ross has been working in L&D for seven years and he heads up the instructional design team at Emerald Works. In 2019 he completed a Masters in Digital Education and was named Learning Technologies’ Learning Designer of the Year. He is also one of the hosts of the Good Practice Podcast.

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