Podcast 48 - How can UX design be applied to L&D?

At work, a great learning experience doesn't start when they access a course or resource: it starts when they make a decision to become better at their job.

Written by Ross Garner
Published 06 June 2017
Podcast 48 - How can UX design be applied to L&D?
On this week's episode of the Good Practice Podcast, Gemma Critchley from Aviva joins Ross Garner and Owen to discuss UX design for L&D.

What is UX design? How far does it's remit extend and how can you start applying UX principles to your learning solutions?

Gemma's blog can be found at beatifnik.wordpress.com.

Fuchsia, Google's experimental OS, was featured in Fast Company at: https://www.fastcodesign.com/90124729/fuschia-googles-experimental-mobile-os-solves-glaring-problems-that-apple-doesnt-get

You can find out about the Concern Task Resource model at: http://www.aconventional.com/2015/03/concern-task-resource-model.html

Another useful UX resource can be found from Semantic Studioshttp://semanticstudios.com/user_experience_design/

And the Tim Hartford blog that Owen referenced is available at: http://timharford.com/2017/05/why-prize-winners-are-heading-for-a-fall/.

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Ross Garner

Ross Garner

Head of Learning Experience
Ross has been working in L&D for seven years and he heads up the instructional design team at Emerald Works. In 2019 he completed a Masters in Digital Education and was named Learning Technologies’ Learning Designer of the Year. He is also one of the hosts of the Good Practice Podcast.

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