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Join hosts Ross Garner, Nicola Boyle and Ross Dickie as they chat with podcast regulars Owen Ferguson and James McLuckie. Together, they discuss and dissect our industry’s hot topics.

Each week, we talk to special guests and tackle big questions. How do people learn? Why should we care about behavior change? What’s growing in Owen’s garden just now?

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Podcast 137 - What will be hot in workplace L&D in 2019?

What will be hot in workplace L&D in the year ahead?. Will it be Artificial Intelligence? Or maybe performance support? What about learning analytics?

March 2019 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 136 -Does the language of L&D matter?

In Learning & Development, we love a good buzzword: 'blended learning', 'micro learning', 'learning management systems'... anything with 'learning', really. Is this a problem? Or just a time-wasting argument?

March 2019 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 135 - What's missing from the learning-tech industry?

At this year's Learning Technologies conference, we asked delegates what they thought was missing from the learning-tech industry. Better authoring tools? More interactive video? Dogs as learning stimulants?

March 2019 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 134 - How can L&D support digital transformation?

Many organisations regard digital transformation as a strategic priority.

February 2019 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 133 - How can experience design tap into our emotions?

Think of an experience that triggered such an emotional reaction that your behaviour was permanently changed.

February 2019 | Ross Garner

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