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Podcast 24 - Google It! The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers

This week, Ross Garner, Owen and Peter from the team discuss our latest research into the online habits of UK managers.

December 2016 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 23 - Making the most of internships and work experience

What steps can organisations take to make the most of their internship programmes?

November 2016 | Ross Dickie

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Podcast 22 - How remote working increases productivity and improves work-life balance

As teams become more dispersed, and communication technology gets better, the need to work in the same physical space as colleagues has decreased.

November 2016 | Ross Garner

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Podcast 21 - Classic L&D mistakes

In this week's podcast, Owen Ferguson, Peter Casebow and Justin Anderson discuss classic L&D mistakes.

November 2016 | Owen Ferguson

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Podcast 19 - Does Face-to-Face Training Have a Role in the Future of L&D?

Will it survive? Should it survive; and if so, in what format?

October 2016 | Owen Ferguson

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