Award-winning learning and development products

Trusted by over one million business leaders worldwide, our products enrich careers and change lives. We empower people and inspire a learning culture to create big shifts in your people and how they perform.

Product 1

The toolkit to take your people further

  • Designed to fit your business and meet individual needs
  • Consistent and high-quality tools
  • Pull as opposed to push learning
  • Learn quicker and smarter
  • Save money on external training
  • Centralize the L&D process

Rich, powerful and interactive

  • Global access makes learning easy
  • Outcome and objective-focused
  • Builds a collaborative culture
  • Measures and improves performance
  • Custom-developed by skilled professionals
  • Fun, easy and immersive development process
  • Simple, interactive, visually engaging in multiple formats
  • Cross-platform and fully responsive content

Product 2

Benchmark against the best

  • Review and reflect on your learning approach and culture
  • Compare your results with others
  • Benchmark your organization against 1,000 peers and top-performing organizations
  • Act on your findings to improve organizational performance

We've helped hundreds of organizations develop their people through learning

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