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Great minds crave stimulation and inspiration. They’re hungry for more knowledge and your top managers want to persistently walk on the edge of their potential.

Our 101 Suite is here to help, with interactive content that creates compelling learning journeys. And ‘take away’ resources that can be applied and integrated straight away.

The 101 Suite
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Learning that works

Cover the topics that matter and that your people need to be the best version of themselves. The 101 Suite is compliant, responsive and will play like a dream. Each piece of content has been thought about and carefully designed for structured learning that works.

The Management 101 Suite covers 30 leadership and management topics.

The Compliance 101 has 8 quality-assured courses to protect your organization. 

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On topic

From communication and time management, through decision-making and problem-solving, to personal branding and wellbeing, over 30 topics are covered

Get compliant

Eight legally-reviewed courses to keep colleagues compliant with must-know topics, from cyber security to data protection, anti-bribery to intellectual property

Easy to access

The 101 Suite plays easily from any online device

Skill in action

Our learning journeys start with the ‘why’, and go on to show best practice examples, explore key skills, allow practice scenarios, and offer ‘take away’ resources

Flexible hosting

Hosting is easy - plug straight into your LMS as SCORM 1.2, 2004, or xAPI files, use secure web links or connect through Lean LMS

On brand

Ready to go, out of the box...but we can customize it too

Meeting your needs

Flexible module options and payment structures

Choose from our range of 38 leadership, management and compliance modules 

Management 101

Change Management

Managing ourselves and our teams through change can be challenging. This module provides a range of tools and techniques to help.


Coaching 101 covers the key coaching skills you need to make a difference and offers some great takeaway tools to help you practice.


Communication 101 is the ideal starting point to evaluate and work on your core comms skills with realistic examples, scenarios and challenges.                  


Creativity 101 will help everyone unleash their creative side and apply it to a range of management tasks and activities.


Credibility affects your reputation and the way others see you. This course provides help to develop the various traits and behaviors that make up a credible and professional manager.

Customer Service

Looking to delight your customers, build your organization’s reputation and help it to stand out from competitors? All this, and more, is covered in Customer Service 101.


Decision-Making 101 covers proven techniques to make good decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Difficult Conversations

Having difficult conversations is challenging. In this module, you’ll learn how to structure these conversations to achieve positive outcomes.


Diversity 101 will help you develop strategies and techniques to improve your awareness and communication of diversity issues.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to recognize, interpret and respond to your emotions, and to other people’s too. This course starts you on your journey to being an emotionally intelligent manager.


Feedback 101 offers tools and advice to ensure effective, productive feedback becomes part of your team’s DNA.


Scared of the ‘F’ word? Don’t be. With Finance 101 you’ll soon be managing costs, creating budgets and writing compelling business cases to gain support for your ideas.


Here you'll be challenged to think about the differences between ‘leadership’ and ‘management’, and what it takes to excel.


Management 101 introduces you to those aspects of management that go beyond yearly appraisals and allocating work. Let us guide you through developing your team, giving feedback, and achieving objectives, amongst other skills.


Negotiation 101 introduces the key skills you need to prepare for - and conduct - negotiations, whether they be with clients, colleagues or suppliers.


Do you dread networking? Then Networking 101 is for you. You’ll soon be building successful networks in no time.

Performance Management

Performance Management 101 sets out the before, during and after of great employee performance reviews and management.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding 101 provides practical insight and tips on how to build a personal brand and make it work for you.


Sharpen your presentation skills with Presentations 101. You'll be creating impactful presentations with great visuals in no time.


Problem-Solving 101 walks you through proven methodologies to improve your problem-solving skills.

Project Management

Project Management 101 outlines how managers can apply tools and techniques to achieve task and activity success.


Recruitment 101 outlines the skills you need to be a great recruiter and make your new colleagues feel valued.


Resilience 101 helps you manage difficult situations, reflect on what went wrong, and prepare you for the next challenge.


Use Self-Development 101 to start planning how you’re going to build the best version of yourself.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is about the actions your organization can take to treat its stakeholders, the environment and wider society with respect. This course looks at the role managers play in supporting these initiatives.


Managers play a key role in the success of your organization’s strategy. In Strategy 101 we outline how you, and your team, contribute to achieving its goals and objectives.


Managing Teams 101 will help you strengthen your team's talents, empowering them to make their best contribution.

Time Management

Time Management 101 helps you to take a practical approach to managing crucial tasks and activities.


It’s important that we look out for our team members, our colleagues and ourselves. Wellbeing 101 shows you how. 

Work-Life Balance

The key to a happy life lies in a healthy mix of the professional and the personal. Work-Life Balance 101 is full of tips and great advice to help you gain control over your working life and encourage you to focus on what matters.

Compliance 101


The threat of bribery, even at a low level, is a real consideration in many workplaces. Anti-Bribery 101 offers best practice guidance to help ensure individuals protect both themselves and their organizations.


Anti-Discrimination 101 is designed to help us recognize when discrimination is happening in our organizations, take steps to eliminate it and to promote inclusive workplaces.

Anti-Money Laundering

In Anti-Money Laundering 101 we discover how to recognize when money laundering practices are occurring and take appropriate steps to prevent it from funding criminal activity.

Cyber Security

Cyber crime is an ever-present threat to our online security. Cyber Security 101 has been designed to help you protect both your digital devices and your organization’s networks.

Data Protection

Failure to protect data can have major consequences for individuals, organizations and customers. Data Protection 101 helps you to protect individual rights and to make the right decisions when handling personal data.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety 101 covers a range of relevant topics, offering best practice advice to keep you safe while at work and when out traveling.

Intellectual Property

Designed to help protect your organization’s intellectual property, and to make sure you use copyrighted material safely and legally. Intellectual Property 101 offers a wealth of useful advice and guidance.

Sustainability and the Environment

We only have one planet, so it’s vital that we understand the impact our actions have on it. Sustainability 101 prompts you to think about your behavior and outlines how you can promote good habits in your organization.

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What our clients have to say...

The 101 Suite provides great, flexible learning. The look and feel is so quirky and the cool designs really help to engage the learner. We’ve had fantastic feedback from our learners about The 101 Suite.

At Virgin Money, we aim to provide all our managers with great tools to help them do what they do best. The 101 Suite delivers support for a fantastic range of core management skills. The 101 Suite offers a dynamic, performance-focused solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

View the most commonly asked questions about our 101 Suite.

The 101 Suite is a collection of 38 e-learning courses, covering a range of classic management, leadership and compliance topics.

We’ve created our management suite with new managers in mind, to help them to get to grips with the various skills and behaviors they need to be a well-rounded manager. However, they’re useful for anyone looking for an interactive overview or a refresher on these staple topics. Our compliance topics are accessible to everyone.

They vary between thirty and sixty minutes to complete.

We use a range of different media, including graphics, videos and animation to ensure that they provide a rich, dynamic experience for learners.

The Suite was created by our expert team of in-house instructional designers. However, when external expertise was required, we brought it in. For example, all of the compliance topics have been audited by Gordons LLP.

We’d invite you to take a look at them to answer that! They’re quite fun and quirky, but they don’t simplify the subject. You’ll find a range of useful tools, techniques and methodologies in each course – just packaged in a slightly more irreverent way than what you’re probably used to. We’ve found this sense of something different hooks learners right from the start.

There is a range of purchase options available for the Suite, depending on how many courses you’d like and how many users will access them. Please get in touch with us to determine an exact quote.

The 101 Suite is fully SCORM and Tin Can compliant, so it will load straight into your LMS regardless of the system. If you don’t have an LMS, we can discuss alternate options with you.

Yes, the Suite is fully responsive. It will play seamlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone without any compromise to your learners’ experience.

We’re happy to talk to you about any bespoke customization you’d like to make to the courses.